Little Bears

 The little bear crept from the woods more nervous deer than fearsome grizzly. Using the darkness, he crossed the meadow, clambered into the suburban garden and sat on the grass. She was there. The same she-bear he saw every night looked down from its bedroom window, only this time, she was in the arms […]

50 Word Stories: The Monster Under My Bed

The monster who lived under my bed had sharp teeth and slitted, emerald eyes that flashed with anger. If anyone disturbed the monster’s sleep it growled and hissed and shot out razor talons. Sometimes, when all was still, it even leapt on the bed smothering me.******I loved that cat.

#FridayFantasy – Petal

Here’s a little children’s story to finish my petal themed day. She lived beneath a bucket tucked behind the old tool shed. No one ever saw her as it was much too dark and overgrown with wild roses, brambles and a smothering layer of ivy. The latter had grown so haywire that to an outsider […]

Clockwork Cornelius

Clockwork Cornelius Once upon along ago a small child by the name of Cornelius was born. I say born, but to me more exact, he was made. Cornelius’s father called him a Componentised Child. For the less exacting mind it meant he was made of many individual pieces rather than grown into a singular being. […]

The Drowned Ones (Micro-Fiction)

Eleanor spied the lights in a rock pool twinkling like the stars. But there were no stars it was day? She put her finger in the water and gave it a quick stir. The dark liquid was too cold to leave her little digit there longer, so she made it a ferocious whirling. Minutes passed […]

Christmas Town

Hapless wanderer found a place White of snow with ruddy face Where deer patrolled instead of dog And blizzard did replace the fog The folks were small, much smaller than Your average girl, or boy, or man And though they worked most every day The end result was good, they’d say Here I stayed, for […]

50 Word Stories: The Ice-Faerie

Smaller than a fingernail, the ice-faerie gave a demure smile; she wanted me to see her. The little one peeped from behind a falling snowflake, eyes meeting mine, and then beckoned to the others. There were millions of them. Funny how a snowflake can melt your heart.