Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Frost on the fireplace
Ice on the hearth
Snow by the coal shed
Fog covered path
Winter is coming
Chills keep us apart
But you know the old saying
Cold hands, warm heart


Cool is your breath upon my neck
The chills run to my heart.
Cold is the look from arctic eyes
The guilt tears me apart.
Crisp are the sheets that creep o’er me
The brittle touch of frost.
Chilled is the touch of skin on skin
The passion long since lost.
Close my eyes for eternal sleep
The freezing dark of space.
Crave the release from forgotten love
The icicles in our place.

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A Lycan Night

Lycan Night image

Slowly, slowly, moving on
I follow the lead of my venting breath
A chill
The hairs on my neck stand on end
Every crack of twig
Every whoosh of wind
And every second is an eternity

Moon strays from behind cloud
Illuminating a darkling wood
A call. My blood freezes
I am frozen
I want to move
But only my ears seem to work
They are listening for what is to come

The call again
It is that of a broken soul
I empathise
I cannot run. I cannot look
Fear has taken me
I grip at the tree I cower behind
There is no reassurance in return

A low, deep, growl. Closing steps
Steaming, warm, breath
Drool on my neck
I close my eyes
And take my final breath
Death has found me