Nape (Drabble)

You felt them as a cold breeze, a moment’s ice within a sharp breath. They never spoke. That would’ve been too easy. Instead, they sought to inveigle, to worry and constrict.
It all came to a head one dark evening. Like sheets in the wind, they enveloped our town. We were smothered with silent malice. They even stole the moon, and I never forgave them.
I led the fight with torch and flame. We burned them; they fled. Our joy knew no bounds, our happiness unrestrained. Until I felt a glacial chill on my nape. They came for me first.

Fearing The Worst

A ghostly breath disturbs my sleep,

As over flesh cold fingers creep,

And eyes do fear to open wide

In case a demon they might find.

The chills do rattle through my spine;

My heart does beat in rapid time,

Until I get a lick to face,

It’s just my puppies warm embrace.