50 Word Stories: Kat

Mornings just weren’t the same without you, the bed cold, my legs chilled despite the heavy duvet. Perhaps the loneliness affected me most, the creaking walk downstairs, drawing back the curtains to an unshared dawn. I miss you, Kat. You were the best partner a man could ever want — feline.

Alone in Serenity

There is no definition to the world you exist in, No realm of conscious thought. Be it sand or snow, gravelled remnants or plateau, You tower over all in a state of zen, Although some would call it lone obscurity. Watching, always watching, waiting, always waiting, Branches still, you seek only celestial movement. Caring not […]

To Be Seen

 Mist on the water Still Your breath pools  Waiting Seeking another’s  Yearning Such unseen beauty Intangible  But dawn comes Dissipating  Is life so short?  (Image courtesy MichelleMarie)


 The only sound I wish to hear, The one disruption to this perfect darkness, The beat of your heart and to know you there. There is no greater comfort in a winter’s night, No greater succour to a disparate soul, Than the simplicity of love’s rhythm.    

Falling Together

 I’ve fallen beyond feeling Way past infinity My only consolation  That you’ve fallen with me  Way past a bitter darkness No more the sea or stars Yet still we fall eternal The universe is ours    

Lemon and Milk

Citrine sun Requires a boon Perhaps he’ll find In milky moon To chase across Heaven’s fields As lemon squeezes Cream yields Then tang of day Makes way for night Moon’s goodness And gentle light (Image courtesy paradoXroga on deviantart.com)