So Sweet

Cascading in pink

Our walkway made glorious

With subtle perfume

This beautiful day made more

By your sweet companionship

50 Word Stories: Kat

Mornings just weren’t the same without you, the bed cold, my legs chilled despite the heavy duvet. Perhaps the loneliness affected me most, the creaking walk downstairs, drawing back the curtains to an unshared dawn. I miss you, Kat. You were the best partner a man could ever want — feline.

Alone in Serenity

There is no definition to the world you exist in,

No realm of conscious thought.

Be it sand or snow, gravelled remnants or plateau,

You tower over all in a state of zen,

Although some would call it lone obscurity.

Watching, always watching, waiting, always waiting,

Branches still, you seek only celestial movement.

Caring not whether sun or moon does rise

As long as it is one or the other,

You seek only the beauty of cloudless sky

To bring forth that shadow of yourself.

It is a quiet and convivial companion,

A flattened, yet thoughtful friend, 

And I envy every minute that you share.