Six Word Stories: Somewhere

Lost in time, we wandered happy.



Staring out the window

Wishing on the rain,

Tarmac an ocean,

Each street lamp a lighthouse 

Calling out sweet securities.

Spring is awash in life-giving water,

Each emerald leaf ecstatic,

Each stamen lapping up life.  

I watch from the coffee shop window

Warm and rejuvenated,

Yet unable to tear my eyes

From the incessant pitter-patter.

I am hypnotised by the season,

As I am them all.

A Little Bit More

Sitting by my favourite window
 Watching the world slide by;
 Sun stretching his arms into the morning;
 Spring flowers waking to gold, not gloom;
 Everything in balance,
 Where teetering does not mean fear of abyss
 Rather than flashes of the view below.
 We could moan about the forecast,
 Complain about the previous day,
 But I think I’ll just sit back and watch a little bit more.
 Yes, I’ll let the view slip over me a little bit more.

A Last Warm Smile

Old bones are aching
Knees sensing seasonal change
A precursor to hibernation
And a berth by a blazing fire
The cookies have emerged from the cupboard depths
Sitting resplendent in a welcoming dish
They await an accompanying cup of tea
As do I
But for now I’ll sit by the window
Watch the autumn leaves
Slowly drift into carpets of tapestry colour
And say goodbye to the summer
With a last warm smile

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