50 Word Stories: Easy

An easy evening filled with breaths, we converse beneath the stars. A cool wind blows across the porch, hammock gently swinging, as yesterday glides into today. I watch the candle flicker in your eyes and take another sip of wine. If only everything in life was so easy. Another breath.

Coffee in Hand

   Rain on the tables Wind in the air Droplets are pooling Flowing nowhere Spray on my jacket It’s not quite as planned But I’m busy smiling My coffee in hand


   Staring out the window Wishing on the rain, Tarmac an ocean, Each street lamp a lighthouse  Calling out sweet securities. Spring is awash in life-giving water, Each emerald leaf ecstatic, Each stamen lapping up life.   I watch from the coffee shop window Warm and rejuvenated, Yet unable to tear my eyes From the […]

A Little Bit More

Sitting by my favourite window  Watching the world slide by;  Sun stretching his arms into the morning;  Spring flowers waking to gold, not gloom;  Everything in balance,  Where teetering does not mean fear of abyss  Rather than flashes of the view below.  We could moan about the forecast,  Complain about the previous day,  But I think I’ll just sit back and watch a little […]

Contentment (Jorio)

The rains do pour Winds howl and rage Storm does stir trees Leaves striking the windows Most terrible October chill Grinds at the pedestrians Or so it seems From besides my fireplace


 To find solace in a moonbeam, The shimmer of a moth. Let night’s cloak wrap around you And dream under the stars. To wake to dew and daises, As mists hangs on the hills, Inhale with closed eyes Smile, and know contentment. Solace comes at no cost To those who seek it out.  

Questionable Vision

 Beads of water upon a single blade of grass  Diamonds upon an emerald rapier  It is all a question of perspective  A question of unlimited imagination   Over the accumulation of gain  Only you will know which it takes  To make your heart feel content

A Last Warm Smile

Old bones are aching Knees sensing seasonal change A precursor to hibernation And a berth by a blazing fire The cookies have emerged from the cupboard depths Sitting resplendent in a welcoming dish They await an accompanying cup of tea As do I But for now I’ll sit by the window Watch the autumn leaves […]