Celeste (Micro-Fiction)

Night When the world still slept and the ocean was young, she polished the stars. There’d never been one like her, she was the first. Celeste by name and celestial by nature, the girl made magic with the night and sweet music in the moonlight.  Day She was happy in her silence, content with her […]

Eternity Seen

The stars reflect Intermittent twinkles Nebulas entwining Purple and vermillion Quasars blaze The fires of God Cosmos captured In twinned orbs A shooting star wanders From iris to iris A miracle So divine Yet, I see none of it For the mirrors Are your eyes And eternity Is you 

The Dreamer

Along the moonbeams road race I Betwixt the night and starry sky Through cosmic storms and violet light Where all is soothing, calm and right To see lost worlds as scattered seeds Bequeathed to me, they know my needs And on into perpetual sea Where I will hunt in search of thee And never ever […]

Cosmic Company

 Interstellar cobwebs  Dangle in universal repose   Gently coaxing cosmic clouds  Into gossamer galleries  Not to feast upon  Not to devour in spacial black holes  But for company  Space can be a lonely abode  Even for the dust eternal 

Moonbeam Pathways (Take Me Away)

 Moonbeam pathways Take me away To pastures full of stars. Where comets roam Celestial valleys And nebula views are mine. To witness the birth of stars In meadows of possibilities, Myriad coloured dreams. Cosmological minutiae  Manipulating the expanse Of all that is, was, and will. I wish to wander gossamer webs Of multiversal strands As I smile; as I weep; as I sing. For in the majesty of creation I […]

To Sail Celestial

 Spectral hangs the starlight shawl As night descends upon us all, And twinkling orbs, so far above, Shine on down in cosmic love. They seek to displace nightly fears, And ease bad dreams, children’s tears. Time has passed to bring their light Through deepest space, through blackest night; Eons spent on journeys far Just to make the black less tar. Yet still the universe does […]

Stars Past

 Cast across the sky to break the monotony of eternity, A net of whispered pasts: stars. Do I see you as you were, or are? Am I viewing a memory of that which was, A reflection of the gleaming that my younger self watched transfixed? Am I wrong to marvel at that which may have left; That which has brought solace […]

Sailing The Forever

I’ve sailed the seas of eternity Where the cosmos laps upon the shores of forever. No other human eyes have seen such miracles, As universes clash and mingle. A place where light lives in blazes of colour Then dies alone in the darkness, Stretched beyond the limits of science, Before dissipating into sparkling star dust. […]