Florence: My Home

 In the lightest shades of morning, Through burnished haze of new day, I stood atop one final rolling ridge  And looked down upon its understated splendour. The Arno weaved a languorous route Under the Ponte Vecchio and out to Ligurian Sea, The emerging sun lighting its way out of respect. The Duomo rose above all in towering majesty, A pale goliath amongst […]

The Kiss

Gnarled and twisted Grasping for My little throat She did claw With cackling laugh And toothless grin My mouth to kiss She dragged me in But wick I was And far too fast As slipped I did From witch’s grasp And turn to her To state my case “You’ll not kiss me Not this smooth […]

The Deep Breath

Darkness: Can you feel it? Electricity simmers, Crackles, Stirs. I love to rock in my chair Under the old porch Waiting, Watching the orchids Alive in the night. Pressure: I feel it on my chest. I gasp! This is it, The moment, Release. The heavens rumble, shake. Sky ignites. I feel, so mortal I feel: […]


Quick note: the snake in this picture was in a tree outside my hotel at the top of the Swiss Alps. I thought it more likely to see a Yeti than that! A shaft of light Slides effortlessly Between obstruction Silent assassin Tasting the future Cold eyes Resisting joy To focus only on Jaw dislocating […]

In Darkest Night

A flickering deceives his hunter’s eye as lantern spits and then runs dry. The trees they seem to stoop and grasp towards this man, his dye is cast. For normal wood this place is not, as every tree holds hangman’s knot. And every creaking, groaning branch claws to him as if to snatch. The hunter’s […]

A Crowded Ride

This is a post inspired by a chat with my good friend, Spumoni Caddo. Check out spumonicaddo.wordpress.com for some wonderful poetry. It was unordinary, Extraordinary, An unusual scene, A milling of children As if in a dream. For weeks I’d had Solitude, Peace on my own Now all that I dreaded Invaded my home. But […]

The Sounds of Life

Pillow talk Mumbled apologies Baby screaming Teenage moans Fireside whispers Stomach grumbling Jubilant whoops Shouts of dismay Gargled cleaning Hissing boos Longing pleas Wagged tutting Hysterical laughter Proposed love Children playing The sounds of life (Image courtesy c4eo.org.uk and Goggle images)  


A million hearts could tell the same tale Each with a gossamer thread of truth, Each with feeling born from experience, But none would be my heart, my life. I sit here in my ancient chair Rocking and creaking, rocking and creaking, Trying to think how best to explain what she did to me That […]