How to Step out of the Dark

How to Step out of the Dark A Writer’s Guide to Creative Self-Expression As first published on Medium. Please feel free to join me there. Writing is by its nature a solitary affair. Although we may duet on a poem, seek advice on this fact or that, in essence, we sit, write and publish on […]

Outlining Tips & Story Structuring

Outlining Tips & Story Structuring Each To Their Own This is my latest post to aid aspiring writers on my Medium site. I hope you find it useful. Every writer has their own unique way of structuring/preparing for their next novel. Some people go into great detail mapping every minutiae from basics like character eye […]


Shallow  Shallow, the swamping waves Barely a ripple to the glass A disturbance of self Stagnant waters rife with death They stole my voice Poured sludge upon dreams Yes, shallow, my drowning The worst way to go

The Dream Takers

What’s worse, being told you’re not good enough, or not being told anything at all? That is a question I have asked myself many times. Is it better to be ridiculed and move on, or left wondering, wondering and wondering again. I wondered for far too long and would help others avoid such a lack […]

Accepted Truths

It contorts and constricts, Tracing the lines of veins Up and in, Then strangling them. I am being asphyxiated, Ravaged by myself. This is not meant to be. This is not why I am me. Or is it? Is this state of perpetual displeasure, This dissatisfaction of self, How it will always be? The curse […]

Vernacular Bliss

  I’ve captured a moment, Held it in place, Glued to my dreams Like memories of lace. Delicate textures, Tumbling through grey, Neural intoxicant  Making brain play. They stimulate mind, And I’m glad that they do; For without their coaxing I think that I’d stew. A see-sawing balance Between words and abyss, Turns letters on paper To vernacular bliss.