Disinterested She had an air of quiet intelligence. She sat on her bar stool in the tightest red dress I’d ever seen, her amber eyes on her drink and a cigarette between her fingers. Each puff of smoke was the same as the next, each sip of her vodka exacting. She was good, real good, […]

50 Word Stories: Dirty Girl

If one's home was a reflection of one's self, I shouldn't have opened her front door. Unsure if I'd fallen through a portal into a world of trash, I backed away. "Not thirsty?" she asked. Panicking, mostly because she was stunning, I said, "I'll be back with my own cup."

The Smile

She had the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen. Her thin lips swept from one side of her jaw to the other in a single, elegant curve. Even in the nightclub’s low light, I’d never seen anyone look so happy. She beamed like a Cheshire Cat. Wow! *** I woke the next morning, reached for […]

The Man Who Was Boy

Lost in a whirlwind of breathless release  Unwilling to believe that nerves they had ceased  How simply by mouthing just one tiny word  The little boy inside, at last, he’d felt heard  She’d waved from the bus and said yes to his face  And suddenly he was more sure of his place  The world seeming calm an enveloping zen  The man who […]

Starting with a Smile

In silence I watched, Wine glass held halfway to my lips. I was struck dumb, defenceless, A marionette with cut strings. I was limp in the presence of an angel. She glided over to the restaurant window Taking a seat beside a vase containing a cerise orchid. The flower tried to turn from her Eclipsed […]