Eventide (Tanka)

Hours without forethought

Shushing ocean tempered calm

Moon licks the clouds dry

Those nights watching the stars wake

Your hand resting in my own

Home From Home

Empty coffee mugs litter the tables, tidemarks of brown sludge marking their once fullness. Someone plays flamenco music through a poor quality speaker; it lacks the passion of a real performance. A lone girl stands behind the counter tapping her toes, her fingers out of sync on the desktop. She patiently awaits my order with a forced smile. I ask for my usual, ever the rebel. I could sit anywhere, the shop vacated, but choose my always seat. I am not here to experiment, I’m here because I’m home. The Venetian lagoon strapped to my cocoa-coloured view hints at far away places. I’m content to drink and imagine them.

The Reassurance Of Same

Atmosphere of oppressive gloom,
Lightless is the day;
Cars blink in headlight necessity,
The school children seeming lost.
Summer, departed, a confusion of season
And zodiac signs.
I watch it all from the same seat of the same coffee house,
With the same drink in the same place,
An uncaring smile upon my lips.