Reasonless Worry

To stand amongst such opulence,

As a stain before the rain,

A humble man, humbled.

There is a sense of false spotlight upon me

Within the fractured colours 

Of Stained glass memories,

Beacons seeking sin.

Am I to be judged not decadent enough

Before the gold and ruby splendour;

Cowed beneath domes and filagree? 

I cannot answer for I am speechless,

But relieved to have removed my shoes.

Decadent Dancing

Of no consequence this chaos,
No rubble do I see,
Peeling paint is but a blur
As I twist, and turn, and dance.
I move to the forgotten heartbeat
Of a time where more was less.
Where these walls dripped opulence,
And glamour, and insincerity.
I dance as I did then,
But with no more tears to shed.
I dance for a time before time,
For a dance stemming only from love.
I dance amongst ruins to show
It wasn’t all for nothing.
I dance for a decadent past,
And decadent love, and decadent lust.
For who else is there left
To dance, but I?

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