Derelict, we stand
Bathed by our own shadows
Memorials to the past
Forgotten monoliths
Straight-backed, yet crooked
Gathered together
In gloom, we're presiding
We grey men
Mirroring real life

Once, We Were Quays

 Deserted stand the quays,
 Once so rich with life;
 Rusting adornments to a general decay.
 They stand deceptively proud:
 Unwilling the metal that once shone so bright
 To pass into obscurity.
 I find them beautiful in their demise.
 Tides beyond count have swept on by,
 Many more still shall,
 Until that last russet fleck is drawn towards the North Sea.
 No last hurrah;
 No more use for they,
 A goodbye to the past with no proof that there even was one.
 Only in memory will their grandeur remain
 Until even that fades away.