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Desperation (Elfje)

Deepest night
Soul swallowing eyes
Desperation's one blink away


The One You Never Knew

Author’s Note: I don’t know why, but I had a sudden urge to write something dramatic.


The tide rose in my wake determined to wipe me from the granite I clung to; it could not dislodge me. Fingers like limpets pressed to the rock as I scrambled, clambered and crawled. The clear air made fire of a throat used to the liquid nectar of a saline sea, yet still I fought my way towards storm-riddled skies.

To look down upon that which I’d always looked up to played tricks on my tired mind. I felt I might reach across the distance between us, touch your shoulder, stroke your hair, feel the curves of your wetted body pressed to my own. You were perfect, you see, an air breathing angel huddled against the squall. And for one sick moment, I thought to tip you into my domain, dislodge you from your little, brown boat; what a monster the ocean had made of me. Of course, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.

And there, as I spied upon she who’d spied down on me, I forgot where I belonged, forgot what I was, forgot time and its consequences. I lingered in gasping breaths until I gasped no more. It was worth the pain to see you whole and to imagine what our life might have been.

When I lost my lungs, night descended. When I lost my grip, I fell. You may have heard the splash, but you’d never have known it me.

Paris By Night

She illuminated,

Resonated within,

A clash of styles

Made stylish,

A painter’s hand on all.

Paris by night

Gleamed with the subtle

Uncertainties particular

To the French,

A coquettish disregard,

An aloof perfection.

She dazzled without trying,

Glowed without reason,

Held me spellbound

As I admired her architecture,

Her curves,

Her perfume.

She said her name was Paris,

Then turned off the light.


Objects 010

All there was
those flickering midnights
and crackling fires
those moonbeam notions
of perfect love
two lives entwined
tied with string
sprinkled with infinity
and eternal moments
beckoning, always beckoning
eyes in the darkness
lips in the light
hearts joined in beating
as one
always as one
where fantasies met
more besides
yes, all there was
was you

#VignetteSeries – Callisto Descends


“My name is Kalliste.”

“That’s unusual, lovely, but unusual,” I bumbled.

“You may know me better by Callisto.”

“As in the moon of Jupiter?”

“Amongst other things.”

She blinked, and the world went dark. My heart stopped, body froze, even the birds fell silent in the forest. When she reopened them, I gasped; she smiled.

“My form affects you?” she purred like a Siamese cat.

“You… you… are very beautiful.”

“My apologies. I thought this form best suited when I fell from the sky.”


“More drifted, really.”

“But… but…”

“I did not anticipate such obscure behaviour. Allow me to change.”

She did. In a burst of emerald and amber light, she grew in size, bulk, proportions. She towered above me and roared into the night, a bear of such magnitude as to frighten lions.

“Is this better?’ she growled. “I am the great bear fallen from the night sky, my image missing from the stars.”

And it was. Her constellation had vanished, in its place, darkness.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“Even a nymph must mate,” her drooled reply.

“Maybe best as you was then,” I said, as I took off my shoes.


She was a dream within a dream within a dream, a perfect moment tied up in a red silk bow. Her cinnamon skin captured the sunset and promised the stars, her lips the pouting tide, her eyes eternity. She was the closest thing to heaven I’d ever seen or ever wanted. Caramel, I called her, so sweet as to tantalise, so delectable, so smooth. She melted in my hands like chocolate by the fire, but when we married she turned into fudge. Hey-ho!