Paris By Night

She illuminated,

Resonated within,

A clash of styles

Made stylish,

A painter’s hand on all.

Paris by night

Gleamed with the subtle

Uncertainties particular

To the French,

A coquettish disregard,

An aloof perfection.

She dazzled without trying,

Glowed without reason,

Held me spellbound

As I admired her architecture,

Her curves,

Her perfume.

She said her name was Paris,

Then turned off the light.



Objects 010

All there was
those flickering midnights
and crackling fires
those moonbeam notions
of perfect love
two lives entwined
tied with string
sprinkled with infinity
and eternal moments
beckoning, always beckoning
eyes in the darkness
lips in the light
hearts joined in beating
as one
always as one
where fantasies met
more besides
yes, all there was
was you

#VignetteSeries – Callisto Descends


“My name is Kalliste.”

“That’s unusual, lovely, but unusual,” I bumbled.

“You may know me better by Callisto.”

“As in the moon of Jupiter?”

“Amongst other things.”

She blinked, and the world went dark. My heart stopped, body froze, even the birds fell silent in the forest. When she reopened them, I gasped; she smiled.

“My form affects you?” she purred like a Siamese cat.

“You… you… are very beautiful.”

“My apologies. I thought this form best suited when I fell from the sky.”


“More drifted, really.”

“But… but…”

“I did not anticipate such obscure behaviour. Allow me to change.”

She did. In a burst of emerald and amber light, she grew in size, bulk, proportions. She towered above me and roared into the night, a bear of such magnitude as to frighten lions.

“Is this better?’ she growled. “I am the great bear fallen from the night sky, my image missing from the stars.”

And it was. Her constellation had vanished, in its place, darkness.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“Even a nymph must mate,” her drooled reply.

“Maybe best as you was then,” I said, as I took off my shoes.


She was a dream within a dream within a dream, a perfect moment tied up in a red silk bow. Her cinnamon skin captured the sunset and promised the stars, her lips the pouting tide, her eyes eternity. She was the closest thing to heaven I’d ever seen or ever wanted. Caramel, I called her, so sweet as to tantalise, so delectable, so smooth. She melted in my hands like chocolate by the fire, but when we married she turned into fudge. Hey-ho!

My Midnight

Author’s Note: This is a story I wrote some time ago. It was written for a specific theme that I don’t suppose will ever return, so I thought I’d post it for you. I hope you enjoy it as it was one I was always proud of writing. Yet another I’d rather post than leave to fester in a file on my laptop.


She bathed in the waters of the midnight sea unlit by the vibrant moon. Mysterious in her dark allure, she radiated a misting shade far beyond that of the night. An ebony presence outlined by rivulets of flowing stars, her slender figure slipped through the surf in silence. Even the sea gods shied from touching so divine a darkness. Her purity demanded it.

Almost spectral in those quiet hours, I observed her from behind the sand dunes. She gave no acknowledgement of my presence, or any other, so there I remained unable to tear my eyes from such exquisite a form. She made slow passage through the shallows taking her time as though savoring every delicious moment. I prayed she did it to tease me; a wishful fantasy. Unhurried, she passed my hiding place in slow, undulating strokes, fearless of those creatures that lurked near the ocean boundaries. Then again, why need she, the night was she and she the night.

And so it was I lingered on her horizon as I did each night since first spying her. Drawn to her elemental majesty, I watched from so near, yet so far. However long I dallied it seemed never enough and always over too soon. Time can play tricks on a person in such situations. How I yearned above all else to hold, kiss, love her; tell her I watched over her. But I could not. The coward in me prevented it and the coward within that proved too scared to speak up.

And so it was I made my peace in being content to look but not touch, listen but not speak. Still, what I wouldn’t have given to see her eyes just once. It would have been worth the risk to know the color of perfection, would it not? The same question every night. I must have asked it myriad times from dusk to dawn and back again. There was never an answer to quench my thirst for her.

Time moved slower than usual, or so I imagined. The October moon hovered in an obsidian sky, a diamond set upon a ring of night, and never once looked like descending. The silver orb cast its light upon the ocean, but could not touch she. That saddened me. Such beauty deserved so divine a spotlight more than any soul I had known. And so in a moment I would eternally regret, I revealed myself. Shattered, our tryst lay in tatters.

No sooner did I rise from my eastern berth like a dawning sun, at first slow just peeking above the dunes, then faster ever rising, did she depart. In a haze of smudged charcoals where the pair of us collided as sea mist, then fog, she vanished. My heart felt ripped from its all too mortal cage.

Cursed to never know the one soul I wished, I paced the dawn beach ashamed of my timidity. By the time the tide had swallowed her damp footprints, I had forgotten her. Or so I told myself. By night those thoughts would change.

Once again my midnight would consume me, and the heartache would begin anew. For I, a lowly fisherman did not deserve a goddess for a bride, though I hoped. If I could have talked to her, held her in a tender embrace, then perhaps she would’ve known and wanted me. Perhaps? Sometimes, I thought she already did. Sometimes, but not often.

The End

#VignetteSeries – Pearl

She shone. Her skin, albino in the strong sunlight, glimmered with a translucent sheen to rival a pearl. If I’d not worn sunglasses, she should have dazzled me. Reclined upon the sand like a seashell awaiting a wave, she casually lifted her head, squinted sapphire eyes and smiled. In that moment, that beach by a sea on an island in an ocean in the sunshine, was ours and nobody else’s. Mine and my Pearl’s. I gabbled it because I had to, my mind, body and every function was already hers. Good I thought, it’s been mine way too long.

#VignetteSeries – Arizona Evenings

Author's Note: It was hot! 'Nuff said.

"Skin to skin," she purred.
I wasn't as good with women as they were with me so grew queasy when she narrowed her eyes and grinned a salacious grin. Like a starved cat thrown in a cage full of mice, she licked pouting, ruby lips and extended her claws.
It was just too hot for it, so goddamn hot!
I slapped across the tiled floor, drew back the ochre curtains and stared out over the desert. A warm, sandy wind scoured my skin doing nothing to freshen the air making me wish I'd never bothered. The moon shone full and gold; it might have been daytime if not for my nocturnal guest. Another Arizona evening.
"Bed. Now."
I heard her as if in a dream, a lone voice calling through the chaos of the inferno. Ah well, I thought, as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. Someone's got to do it. I just wished it wasn't so hot. Not yet, anyway.

50 Word Stories – Melting


Day melted into sweltering night even the cicadas striking a single note too weary for a full philharmonic. The stars dripped from heaven like a badly painted Van Gogh and a coyote coughed. The moon stayed low in an Arctic nowhere. Yet you, my love, were only just getting ready.

50 Word Stories: She Moved

Beneath lights that stroked her skin in vermillion, cobalt and liquid gold, she danced. Her hair, black as night, dark as oil, swished from side to side like Medusa's snakes, alive and uncontrollable, the others revellers giving her beauty the room it demanded. When I pierced that room, she moved.