🔥INFERNO🔥 (Satan’s Dream)

 World of fire, World of flame, Burn for me  In Satan’s name. Loose yourself,  Consume in bliss, Help me to  Escape Abyss. Cinders all  Is what I seek, Revenge upon  The blue, so weak. It is my dream,  My one desire,  That Earth should burn  In Devil’s fire!

Versus the Devil

 The Devil did delay me With promises and whims, Seeking to manipulate, Seeking to deceive; With finery and splendour; Trinkets and baubles; Flesh and fancy. But his, or her, advancements Did not enrapture me, I countered them with vision, I countered by being me. And, though the Demon ranted, Raved and cursed to Hell, I simply donned my darkest glasses; Inferno doused in shade. Reluctant in failure, Devil unwilling to submit, I […]

Divine Retribution

 Was it divine retribution That cast me from the clouds, Hurled I was to smash on rock? Did I not splinter in pain, Did I not break, Shatter like an egg shell; Exterior cracked beyond repair? Or, was it imagination only, The wind in my face, Water molecules colliding with immortal skin- The sound of angels screaming? I shall muse on it, Cogitate for some time, For that […]

Lucifer’s Loss

  Lucifer has crossed me He’s made me mighty mad For he may be the devil But I just think he’s sad Taunting me with promises Teasing me with life Popularising evil Twisting in the knife Salacious eyes and smiles He’s set to draw me in But I don’t give a damn It only makes me grin He thinks that I’m susceptible  To his disgusting ways But he’s made […]

Too Late Now

Dancing with the Devil Under blood filled skies Ruby raindrops falling Can’t say a surprise  Pushing all his buttons Playing on his nerves I guess I’m only getting What this soul deserves Hell is now my backdrop Blistering, searing heat But somehow I keep getting Under Satan’s feet I always had it coming Pending, almost […]


 In shadow IT came obliterating light Turning the golden to shades of deep night Trampling flowers with colours so fair Turning sweet Eden to darkest nowhere Eclipsing the goodness with hues of evil And introducing IT we know as DEVIL But hope can’t be quashed by the likes of HE Individual voices can defeat in harmony And banish IT far as a blast […]

The Devil’s Plaything

    Like a raven amongst doves A smudge on perfection, A black heart hidden amongst angels, I lost myself within the pure and godly. For a time, I even believed in heaven: for a time! Nirvana was a state I thought to have achieved, But life, and death, no matter how holy, Sometimes comes back to bite you. The need for blood can […]

Flame and Fury

Death was a fissure The living should never cross, But I dared it, And stood before the gates of hell Unafraid, unrepentant. Fire seared my skin, Tainted my breath. I cared not, And laughed my contempt for the place. No burning pyre would scare me The only living man To risk scorching hell. I had […]

This Passion, This Fire

Through inferno’s kiss Did this man stride As flames of blue And red collide With sweat as though A molten sea No Hell could hold My love from me Till there upon A cross of fire Did burn my life My one desire And eyes of lava On me did fix Perhaps, as though The […]

A Burning Truth

Never did I think it would come to this! The world burned about her as she laughed into the inferno. Flames flicked across her manic visage sending an ironic chill through my body; it soon burned off. Her skin had transformed from porcelain to crimson; her hair black to magenta. But it was her eyes […]