A Bridge To You (Tanka)

Archway in the blue
Where birds fly on and under

I see your pale hand waving
From that sky bridge to nowhere


North-easterly blowing;
A cooling wind
Drawn from a North Sea home.
Rolling landscape
Set against an azure and grey dappled sky,
Sun peeping
From behind a patchwork of loose-fitting cloud.
It’s a time to think,
As the miles flick by,
Feet propelling,
Direction housed in subconscious mind.
The run is long,
But all too short,
And when it is over
The thoughts from it
Are lost.
Best try again

Audible Illusions

Audible illusions:

your voice within the mist,

Yet when on creeping closer

the lyrics do desist.

A feeling of emotion,

of overwhelming pain,

perhaps our time is over

and no one is to blame.

Audible illusions:

the ghosts of what we were,

my heart no longer worries,

no conscience do they stir.

An audible horizon

that neither can regain,

I wish the world was silent,

so our love we could regain.