North-easterly blowing; A cooling wind Drawn from a North Sea home. Rolling landscape Set against an azure and grey dappled sky, Sun peeping From behind a patchwork of loose-fitting cloud. It’s a time to think, As the miles flick by, Feet propelling, Direction housed in subconscious mind. The run is long, But all too short, […]

Audible Illusions

Audible illusions: your voice within the mist, Yet when on creeping closer the lyrics do desist. A feeling of emotion, of overwhelming pain, perhaps our time is over and no one is to blame. Audible illusions: the ghosts of what we were, my heart no longer worries, no conscience do they stir. An audible horizon […]

Secret Shadows

Do our shadows entwine Over distance and time Do they feel as we do From their flattened out view As the sun sets on one Other rising anon So in dusk and in dawn For a moment they’re born And though hands cannot clasp In those seconds they grasp At the lips that do kiss […]