A veil of mist settled across the meadow in dampening mood. Beyond the persistent drizzle lay mighty forest trees and beyond them unscalable mountains cliffs. Although the massif heights were reputed to be impenetrable, the ocean they abutted was more so. Famed for stagnant tides, and an inclination to turn from stale to storm in […]


If I whispered love from across the sea Would you catch my words on a westerly Would you know them mine and love me still I’m sure that you would, and hope that you will

Natural Forces

 Moon shines upon the tide  Oceanic, distance wide.  Gravity it drags the sea,  Always you away from me.  Natural forces in the way,  But maybe eyes will meet someday.  Such is life, and such is time,  The steepest stairway yet to climb.  

Beyond the Ridge

 Dawns rises once more,  The horizon sparkling in kaleidoscopic brilliance.  Beyond the ridges there is light, I see that.  But the climb is so long,  My destination so far,  That I only hope I have the strength to reach it.  If I can, I know it will be even more spectacular.  If I can? 

Such is the Ocean

  Western ocean calls Whispering through the sea mists A lost lover’s name  It beckons to him Incessant, tidal urges Flowing back and forth  Distance, a ripple He will one day reach her shore To ebb at bare feet  Such is the ocean Love lost to liquidity  Such is the ocean  

A Breath

   A breath upon the water Makes a ripple on the sea It travels over oceans Until it gets to thee  A breath upon the water A lover’s kiss adieu But goodbyes aren’t forever They’re meant for me and you  A breath upon the water Horizons sprayed in gold Where sunrise is eternal The place where we’ll grow old  A breath upon the water My only wish is this […]

Reach You

 I built a boat out of matches and string Tried to reach you but was not managing. So: I fashioned a plane out of paper and glue, Launched off a hillside, but it crumpled from dew. So: I cobbled a bike out of metal and wire,  Peddled real fast, but I hadn’t a tyre! So: I stole a car but didn’t have keys, Decided […]


 I found a seashell Pearlescent hue Held to light And thought of you Carried over azure sea In mermaid’s hands As gift to me I hold it close  Then to my ear There is no sea But voice so clear  And glad I am Of distance great As makes your words So resonate In whispered winds You pledge your all  And all this from A shell so small    (Image courtesy […]