50 Word Stories: My Flying Dog

When our dog flew out of the window on gossamer wings, I dropped my spoon in my breakfast. He didn't even bark a goodbye. I shot outside and stared as he showed off by doing several somersaults amongst the rain clouds. Mongrels! You never knew what they were crossed with.


Whether her wink denoted a sexual come hither, or she merely had a fly in her eye, I was unsure? Either way, I ignored her. She repeated the gesture as if to test my tenacity. I checked behind to see if I was the only one there, (she might have been crazy) which I was, […]

50 Word Stories: The Mongrel

 The dog followed me home even though I peddled faster. It loped along barely panting as I huffed and puffed, a long-haired mongrel with a lolling tongue. He looked like Luke before the war took him. I loved that dog and told him so, as I should've done my brother.

The Mystery Wake-up

The Mystery Wake-up I arrived at my friend’s house far later than expected, the sun already long set. I parked my car in the ample yard, John, my friend, having made full use of the acreage his house was set in, got out, and stretched my legs. That felt much better. There was no bell and […]


What magic she employed neither my friends nor I could agree upon. There was something though? She’d open those big, brown eyes and stare; we melted. No matter how hard our hearts, her gaze softened them. We’d have done anything for her. She was the best dog in the world.

50 Word Stories: So Many Questions

"Who woke me up?" "Not me." "Why’s the living room door open?" "I don’t know." "What’s all that rustling?" "I can’t say." "Why’re the Christmas presents all shredded and ripped?" "Who knows." "Why’s the dog got chocolate all over his face?" "Father Christmas put him up to it." "Why?" "Duh!"

50 Word Stories: Oh Dear!

Sooty was a coal-black mongrel with big, floppy ears that resided at the end of the leash I held. The current snapping, razor-toothed creature, with an elongated tail was not sooty. That beggared the question, where was he? An echoing bark came from within the croc. Oh dear!