Amazon Dreams

Amazon Dreams image

Chocolate serpent of meandering length
How you twist and turn
Through the verdant greenery
Past dangers untold
And beauty unrivalled
Ancient yet new
To be a twig upon your writhing body
Drifting to some unknown shore
To taste the salt on your skin
Hear the chorus of gulls above
Tis a journey seated deep in my mind
I desperately wish it so
But I am no twig
Nor flotsam and jetsam am I
I am just me
It is my imagination that must traverse
Your mighty dimensions
Still, think of me on your rushing way
As I, in turn, think of you
I shall enjoy the ride


I’m floating,
On updrafts
I’ll lift.
Carried away
Somewhere new.
Maybe I’ll alight
Or maybe
On warm winds
I’ll stay.
The world
Is my landscape,
I’m taking it in,
But the further
I drift
The smaller
It seems.
I’m leaving
This Earth.
Drawn into space,
The stars
My next stop.
I think that
I’ll like that.
I’ll stay
For awhile.

Where Mermaids Wait (Sequel to Adrift)

Mermaid (Photo credit: kissabug)

Deep, deep, down below
In a place that’s never seen the snow
Where darkness rules a liquid home
And pressure crushes at your bones
Lies treasures from the wrecks of men
But only fish can get to them
Where luminescent pierces night
My mermaid waits this sailor’s plight
Down I drift to meet my doom
As figures rise up from the gloom
And emerald eyes stare at my form
Perhaps I look lost and forlorn
As hands so soft take hold of me
They pull me down incessantly
Until my breath no longer hold
For me there’ll be no getting old