50 Word Stories: Fear of Drowning

“Is it possible to drown beneath too many kisses?” she whispered. “Yes.” “How can you be sure?” “Because, I’ve just come up for air.” … Somewhere in a distance rumbling churns a river called love. Whether we risk crossing it is the only consideration for some forget how to swim.


You took too much from me My heart it would not bleed The essence of the man I was Adrift in viscous seas   You tore the truth in slices And peeled away the dreams A solitary devotion Collapsed me to my knees   Drowning in slow motion Drowning in degrees Drowning though I know […]

The Sea

   The sea, The sea, You call  To me In blue, Azure Salin- Ity; You thrash, And rage, Yet calm My soul, To drown In you Would make  Me whole. So stay Your waves And soothe The tide For soon, My sea, With you Abide.