#VignetteSeries – A Queen Angers

Author's Note: This is a snippet from the Steampunk Novel I am currently editing. Here, two particularly slimy scientists are confronted by a — let's say altered — Queen Victoria. She is not a happy monarch.  “What is it you wish of us, Your Majesty?” Monk’s words shot from his mouth like a trigger-happy […]

I’ve Been Very Naughty!

Shh! Don’t tell my publisher. I’m supposed to be editing book two of The Eternals, but between you and me, I needed to write. So, a few days ago……. ……then, I got a bit carried away and didn’t stop. Now, I’m up to here…… ……now I really should leave this and crack on with my […]

The Editing Poem

Editing, editing That’s all I do I’m editing this As I send it to you My eyes are strained And so is my brain But the benefits are I’m staying out of the rain I should be going I’ve got a lot on And with this procrastinating I’ll probably go wrong But, never fear As […]