The Bite

Such candid emotions
They bite at your skin
Nipping and teasing out the truth
Un-gentle persuasions
So close to true pain
That know the answers before they are given
Shaking out falsities
Like a dog with a bone
Whose teeth will never blunt
And eyes never tire
But the last laugh is yours
As the agony of withdrawal builds
For the simple reality is this
They could’ve just asked

50 Word Stories: Emotional

She sat on the pier legs dangling over thin air like a child’s from a swing. If you looked once, you’d have thought her playful, laughing with the wind, joking with the sea. If you looked again, you’d have seen something else. Tearful, she said goodbye. Only the sea heard.

The Hurricane and the Wind

We left as lovers lost in a storm of unkempt emotions. Such was the way with the hurricane and the wind. We blew across the world elemental in our excesses. We didn’t care; we were free. Like bottled cyclones, we span around in translucent circles, the world at our feet and the sky out of reach. We tried though. We tried.When the tears came like a storm of all our losses, from us both, yes, us both, I faltered. You smashed against the barriers like the tempest you were, whilst I blew out. Not a breath had I left by the end, not a one. Home was my last gasp. Infinity were your gusts. We were incompatible really; I know that now. The hurricane and the wind, two that were one, they called us. We just never knew it until we’d both blown away.

50 Word Stories: The Whippersnapper Way

"My mood's less favourable than your face."
I wasn't sure how to take that, I have a happy face, so smiled.
"Oh, found that funny, did you?"
I shrugged.
"Less confident now, I see."
I shrugged again.
I nodded.
"You young scamp," he chuckled and handed back my football.

50 Word Stories: Teenage Trials

The problem with anger was it wore off. Sorrow had limitations, too. Only indifference had the virtue of being inexhaustible. One could remain indifferent with contemptuous ease. The only problem was it made one listless, which If locked in your room drew anger and sorrow back. You just couldn't win!

A Kiss on the Wind. (Micro-Fiction)

“She’s special,” he whispered.
“Was,” said I.
“She’d do the same for me.”
“She wouldn’t if she loved you.”
“Are you saying she didn’t love me?”
“No,” I replied. “Just that death is as much a part of life as life itself.”
“I don’t understand?”
“It’s like a kiss on the wind, you know it’s there even if you don’t feel it.”
“She loved the wind, storms. She’d go for walks in the wildest weather. I’d watch her from the window as she revelled in it, her hair like long grass on the plains. Nothing could contain her.”
“You can, you always could. Let her go, Dan. It’s time to let her go.”

Fingers unraveled. A ghost drifted away. I felt her like a kiss on the wind, my sister released. Dan wept, but the tempest smiled.