No More Tomorrows

Like falling feathers, they descended, those of golden light and purest white. Soundless, the heavenly host alighted on every surface: roofs; trees; paths; car bonnets, everywhere and on everything. We thought they’d come to save us, to escort us to that better place, at last. Instead, they took us in with those deep, sad eyes, […]

50 Word Stories: At Last

The end. The big full stop. The grand finale. The last hurrah. Whatever you called it, this was it. Nothing left but rocks, rubble, bones and me. There was no sun, no sound, just a pinprick sky and a few lonely meteorites without an atmosphere to burn up in. Perfect.


The sky collapses in globs of lead. All that remains of the city once named London will soon be crushed. I would run, but I have nowhere else to go, so here I remain. There is no moon, no stars, just the crusted remnants of the clouds, solid and untrue. Heaven sinks ever lower, and […]


Caped, drifting phantoms all, we stared at what remained of the moon. That’s all we ever did. Pockmarked and punctuated by the very same asteroid that careened into the Earth, the bitter irony, it was not us who’d ended it, after all. All those threats, the fear mongering, the supposed inevitability, and, instead, all ended […]


“Unimaginable,” they said. “It could never happen.” But it did. The world stopped spinning. Just like that, we woke to fallen trees and beds cast aside, humans flung here there and everywhere, animals, too; clouds hung in limbo like marshmallows waiting to roast, the sun stationary and forlorn. Those who’d survived the emergency stop, like […]

The Answer (Drabble)

Would the end of the world spell the end of all things, or the beginning of something else? A question that needed to be answered. That’s why I built my rocket and headed to the moon. There, I set up shop and waited. The end came in a trillion explosions of sunburst and gloom. I […]

An Angel Wept

   She waited, wouldn’t go. When the others departed, she remained. In feathered beauty, a subtle vision in white, she was and forever would be, the last. The divine lantern slipped into the finality of night in insipid ripples of gold. No more than a melted dream, the sun dissipated. The light went out. She […]