The End

Starlight never dies
Just slowly fades away.
That’s my ambition,
To trace the solar winds,
Be carried away,
Swept atoms
Filtered in eternity.
To mingle with the remnants
Of the stars,
Those I look upon nightly,
That’s the end for me:

Then The Stars Came Out

Swirls of foam lifted from the crashing breakers to be deposited on the basalt shore. How like frosting on a chocolate cake, I’d thought. Funny what goes through your mind when you’re the last man on earth!
 When the others left, I’d hidden, inserted myself into some rocky crevice and not come out. They’d searched for me, called out until they were hoarse but, in truth, they couldn’t have cared less. I’d watched the reflective panels of the lightship flicker in the ruby dawn, blink twice, then vanish. All that was left of humanity was me: good, I was glad of the peace and quiet.
 I’d sat on the beach the rest of that day and watched the insipid surf try to rise to the occasion. It failed miserably. There wasn’t really much for me to do. I couldn’t even leave the pitiful excuse for a shoreline. A glance over my shoulder showed the world was still burning. If the winds had changed direction I’d have been choked to death by cloying, black fumes, but they didn’t, and I wasn’t.
 The sun had risen, just, a crimson, sliver over the waters. The tide responded in a churning tumult that looked set to last until the very end. I wanted to see our sun collapse, I had to. You see, in my own crazy way I thought if someone wasn’t there to see it, witness it, then all those departing fleets of scared humanity would have fled for no reason. I’d have only been thinking about it all the way to wherever they ended up, anyway.
 When I woke from a turbulent dream the crackle of the fires had crept over the last of the combustible grassland: there was truly nothing left but me and a melting sun. For melting was just what it was doing. I watched in awe, my jacket pulled tightly about me, it was so cold, as the sun dripped away before my very eyes. I was disappointed really, I’d been hoping for a giant supernova, or some such thing. It was more like watching iced cream melt: I felt cheated.
 Not long after that everything went black and the stars came out. I’d never seen the like, nor would again. There was a sucking, rather like a faulty vacuum, that drew the flames of the south away in one foul sweep and left me on my back the still tide pooling at my feet. I couldn’t breathe, and probably wouldn’t have wanted to as the diamonds of the night saw me off. The purity of the universe had opened up to me for one final hurrah. It was how it all should have been without us. It was so pretty. My only regret, my one wish, was that there at the end, I could have looked to them whilst holding the hand of someone else.

The Truth About Waking

 Transposed upon a memory
 Irregular, untrue,
 A sky of ruby and amber
 Burns across a silent sky.
 The sun hangs low
 Subdued in a forestā€green aura,
 Whilst I watch on in disbelief.
 Psychedelic intentions
 Seek to warp my fragile mind.
 I can only respond by denial,
 Yet I cannot wake,
 I cannot feel as I should.
 And I wonder,
 Have I awoken at the end of days
 If I am awake at all?

Deep Rooted

 There is a tree
 Hangs over a cliff
 Gnarled fingers scraping
 Like a lover’s tiff
 The end is inevitable
 It can’t last too long
 But to give up right now
 Would seem oh so wrong
 Storm tries to displace it
 Surf surges lament
 But old tree’s not done yet
 He’s still not quite spent
 Backlit by lightning
 My soul it affects
 For the tree at the world’s end
 I’ve gained great respect

Blackened Hearts

 When moon won’t rise
 And sky does shake
 When wind does blow
 And earth does quake
 When oceans boil
 And trenches split
 When rain is steam
 And sun does quit
 When heaven falls
 And God departs
 Then shame on Man
 And blackened hearts

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Edge Of The World

 I balance precarious
 At the edge of the world
 Where shoreline diminishes
 In cascading swirls
 I stand on the edge
 Between abyss and relief
 Light to my left
 Mirrors this darkest reef
 I’m walking the tightrope
 Of stars and of dawn
 I think for today
 I’ll choose one more morn

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Sunlight No More

 Don’t dip below the Earth this day,
 For I know you won’t return.
 Don’t let the night staunch golden rays,
 Or oceans douse your flame.
 Don’t drip sunshine tears below far horizons,
 Slowly diminishing: for I will know.
 Don’t let the all that you illuminate
 Break your shining heart.
 Don’t let the burden of daylight hours,
 Expectation of summer smiles, hurt you.
 Don’t let all you give life to ruin you
 With reckless abandon and obscenities.
 Please don’t go, my molten friend,
 Because there’s no other in the universe like you.

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No more worries, as the sky bleeds ruby tears that pitter-patter into a broken sea.

(Am I lost?)

No more tomorrows, as titanium clouds clash, a grumbling, growling retribution.

(Is this it?)

No more hopes, as the wind wails with the combined voices of humanity.

(Have we broken it?)

No more life, as gunpowder soil awaits that one solitary spark.

(Have we killed it?)

No more dreams, as the sun rises with difficulty into a fossilised dawn.

(Is this Hell?)

No more love, as the world’s fractured heart beats one final time.

(Am I dead?)


It will all be over soon.

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