50 Word Stories: One

 She locked her case but not the door, closed her purse but not the gate. She walked from her street but not from her pain; it would take many more miles. Yet, each step, each new foot of concrete, soil and grass brought her story closer to one outcome: hers.


 I saw it in a map, one without borders, walls, or rules. Escape was the name my family gave it, a thing we’d only dreamt of, the wind in our faces without ever looking back, the sun without windows and sky without ceilings, hope. Although our lives were rubble and ruin, they’d never taken […]

50 Word Stories: Disconnected

 If you climb, push yourself to the limits of endurance and beyond, you come to a place where realms meet. There, where fog, cloud, sky and earth conjoin, twist and falter, there’s room to let go. None-judgemental, it’s a zone for the disconnected. I’m disconnected, and I no longer care.

50 Word Stories: Scorched

I thought the clouds might look different at the year’s end. They don’t. When I look to the sky all I see are the same contained tears seeking escape; same sun trying to scorch them. Running is tiresome and no one likes being burnt. I think it’s time to stop.