The Swimmer

 Rain battered the water’s surface. What had been sea was instead a myriad pools of individual ripples all bursting outwards, all seeking to be free. The auburn beauty who swam through them seemed not to notice. Her slender figure, a china doll cast into the ocean, battled against tide and weather, as though her destiny […]

Tokyo Escape

 Urban jungle  Concrete and neon  So many people  No faces I know  I’ve escaped to nowhere  Run into a wall  A mass of those striving  For something   They will never find here  This was supposed to be  Promised to be  My Tokyo escape  But escape to where  As the temples chime  In distant Kyoto  (Image courtesy

No Christmas For She

 A time of joy to share in love But not for she who sought above. One Christmas too far for she Who’s dreams all fled down lavatory. In rosy tint of revellers face The lonely child knew just disgrace. Until escaped to winter night Her chance had come to do things right.  So by the river wide of grime, She spent the longest […]

Alone at the Bus Stop

Stood at the bus stopWith nowhere to goMy family, I doubt Hunting high and low My mother and fatherHave been fighting againThey don’t know whyBut I know the when I wonder if there Is a bus to the seaI could sit on a rockAlone and carefree I don’t want to go homeI don’t want to […]