Her Essence

I feel her essence on the wind It permeates my skin, tantalises And although she may be distant And although she’s far from view I’ll taste her soul upon my lips And bask in her every moment

Multiversal Currents

  There is a river  Gushing Between worlds, Flowing Through the lapses  In between time. Space is its home, Or the space Between space, I hope to see it  One day, Out sparkling worlds. I wish to travel it In a boat Made from dreams. Languidly, I’ll dip in my hands In the multiverse And flick its essence On you. Then, perhaps, You’ll travel it too. Or, Perhaps not, But I should like  To try.    

Love (Tanka)

 I feel it’s essence pouring through my very soul lightening the burdens of a world which lacks it all stemming from your heart: love  (Image courtesy theflowersexpress.com)