Dappled (Elfje Poetry)

The light
In shady arbours
We walk through paradise

Author's Note: I took this photo tonight. What a beautiful evening for a stroll.


Tonal Shades

 Most beautiful sunset
 Stencilled in silhouette
 Purest jet blacks
 Mixing with tonal oranges
 Fruits descend into oblivion
 With the final flourish
 Of knowing they shall be reborn
 To play out the same scene
 With exquisite differences
 Each and every evening

 (Image courtesy MichelleMarie)

Evening Lace

 To see the world through a patchwork of lace
 Created in arboreal treetops and draped for me
 To dissipate lessening light through web of life
 Fingers splayed, verdant finery resplendent
 To compliment the setting sun in silhouette
 A touch of night to bid farewell to day
 This is the beauty I crave, absolute pleasure
 All caught in the moment of a casual glance

Vampire x2

I wrote the same start to two poems then couldn’t decide which to post, so here’s both.

 Over your Shoulder
 Decadent nights
 Languorous days
 A vampire death
 In so many ways
 Colours of evening
 Ruby and black
 I’m over your shoulder
 Best not look back

 Decadent evenings,
 Languorous days, vampire life
 Luxurious haze

Image courtesy Iridesence-art on deviantart.com

Mistress Evening

 Mistress of evening
 No dousing your light
 In subtlest shades you
 Swap daytime for night
 Such wondrous tapestry
 Of autumnal hue
 Preparing for black
 With, red, gold and blue
 I envy your practise
 Though it’s all far too short
 I’ll see you tomorrow
 Know you’re in my thoughts

 (Superb image courtesy zemotion on deviantart.com)