Book Launch Announcement!

This is another of those fantastic occasions when I can give something back to a fellow writer. Michelle is a wonderful new author from the same publishing house as myself, Creativia. To anybody in the London area of the UK, I would encourage them to check the following out. To anybody else interested in Urban Fiction, check out Michelle’s book, you wouldn’t just have the enjoyment of reading something fantastic but also of supporting a  rising talent and genuinely wonderful person.

Thank you



Broken Roots by Michelle Diana Lowe


After her father’s invention earns her family millions, sixteen-year-old Teisha Cole moves from London to Florida. Uprooted from the place she loves, Teisha now lives in a broken home full of secrets and lies.

Following the death of Teisha’s grandmother, her fractured family is replanted in rural England, where a kingpin and his clan are laying in wait. What ensues is a dangerous game that brings their house to its knees, as the family’s wealth begins to disappear.

When Teisha’s father develops a mysterious illness, Teisha turns detective to unravel the truth. Escaping onto the streets and stumbling into the foster care system may be her only hope of survival.


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Ballad of the Crow

To be a crow on witching night
And caw at all and give such fright
Such blessed change from normal fair
When people just do not so care
As in the light of normal day
That rusted voice just grates away
And forces all to rant and rage
At timeless call, at ruckus caged
So sing my heart out all the night
And in said fright I’ll take delight
That in this one night of the year
The sounds I make cause only fear

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