Cometh the Rain (Part 5)

img-alternative-textA dagger grin flashed from between crimson lips. He indicated to where the others couldn’t see right behind the sun catcher, to the summit of that blazing, reflected beam. The device, his device, burned heaven. An almost perfect match to his shed skin, the universe was no longer black but crimson.
Our so-called saviour laughed and pointed even shaking my hand like a long lost friend. His adulation knew no bounds, his behaviour, manic. He danced and pranced on cloven feet, then jigged about for hours. As those below were washed away, he grew euphoric.
“A second flood,” he hissed. “My flood,” he crooned. “At last. At last.”
The angels fell like cooked chickens thrown from a barbecue onto the devil’s plate. In great hissing piles, they landed in the flood drowning before their tormentor. He loved every moment.
The universe an inferno, the last to fall was God himself, his beard aflame, his hair ignited. And though I wept, and though I screamed, the rain kept coming and the devil had his revenge.

The End.


Cometh the Rain (Part 4)

img-alternative-textRain, rain go away, come again another day. The lyrics to the old nursery rhyme spiralled though my mind in endless revolutions. No one else seemed to care that the land couldn’t take it. The waters rose inch by inch, the others sploshing around in bare feet, regardless.
Those days of endless water were the worst. It wasn’t the water per se, nor the expressions that morphed from glad to gloom to grey, but our mysterious benefactor. He sat legs crossed on a hilltop overlooking the town, his eyes glued to the sky as though the clouds were no obstruction. Not once did he move. Not once did he shift an iota.
For reasons beyond explanation, I found myself climbing that hill to nowhere. I stalked our savior like a cat a mouse. When at last I drew close enough, bereft of places to hide, he turned my way and smiled. When I looked up, I saw why.

To Be Continued…

Cometh the Rain (Part 3)


His contraption rose from the barren earth like God’s greatest sunflower. A peculiar device of a single giant stem crowned with a great dish of reflective, polished metal, the sun catcher, as our saviour called it, was levered higher and higher into the sky. He stood back instructing us never once lifting a finger to help.
It took days to get the infernal device into the right position. We made adjustment after adjustment until at last all was done, our master applauding us as though claps might go out of fashion. When he stopped, our world turned black.
He took the applause, our mysterious stranger, as the clouds gathered and the rains came. He basked in unadulterated glory. And all the while, as the others partied, I wondered where all that reflected sunlight went?
To Be Continued…

Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 5)

It was warm and safe and everything life was meant to be. I had no reason to leave, no desire to leave, no hopes or expectations of the world beyond. And yet, I did. They dragged me from her like a barnacle from a ship’s hull. I seemed to remember that from somewhere? A ship. My ship. Our ship.
I exploded out of the darkness into a world of light and sound and pain and heartbreak. But also love. All I’d been and all I would be, all the memories, sensations, truths of life departed in those split seconds of rebirth. And for a heartbeat, I was disconsolate. But not for long, as someone lifted me to the most beautiful creature I’d seen in all eternity, her brown eyes overflowing with love. Her eyes like my eyes, or ours, or both?

Thank you
I hope you enjoyed passing through eternity’s curtains.


Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 4)

Our lives stretched from birth to death and back again. Everything we’d ever been and would be unravelled like silly string shot from a can. A painless separation, my companions drifted away as if lost in a waking dream; I would never see them again. Our ship collapsed into the atoms it had sprung from to sail infinity forever, and I was left abandoned.
A euphoria took me akin to the day of my birth, an overwhelming joy. And that was when it hit me.
Everything. It was everything. It wasn’t just a day at the beach as a six-year-old, a night of sticky touches twelve years later, nor that first kiss of married life years later still, I remembered everything. Most of all, I remembered the love of a mother who sealed me in a cocoon of life-giving water. I saw the light through her skin, felt the warmth from her heart, her hand close to my forehead. Everything. Yes, everything, and with not a second in between.

To Be Continued…


Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 3)

We knew them as black holes. One such universal behemoth was bad, two, doubly, a wall of them, horrific. The great beasts sucked the colour from the sky like paint pots poured down multiple drains. The holes in space and time even took those angelic voices, wrenched them from the fabric of everything and stole them away.
I watched from the prow disbelieving, my friends and fellow crew on their knees. To have travelled so far for nothing cut deep. To have breached science and belief, that barrier between, only to falter when on the point of that final discovery hurt more than any physical pain. But pain was one thing mankind had learnt from.
I signalled for the others to stand, to meet our doom with pride. Stand, they did. Chins aloft, eyes forward, we whipped around and around and around, and then in. If God had meant for us to break on the point of all knowledge, to have teased and taken, he found an unwilling crew. Or so I tried to tell myself as everything stretched beyond the beyond and all we were snapped out of existence.

To Be Continued…

Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 2)

Only when silence is broken does one realise it ever there, and so it was for us. The voices swept across our hearts, our very souls and left us in tears. Although there were no figures, no entities to speak of, we sensed them all around. They stroked our schooner’s canvas sails, tickled the ship’s wheel as if they found its non-use amusing. We sailed at their wishes, their choosing and never our own.
The river of stars propelled us along, or the kaleidoscopic universe propelled around us, of which I was uncertain? Yet the distinct feeling of motion existed in that strange, new place and for that we were grateful. To have paused even for a second would’ve broken our dreams, and though we knew them false, that we were amongst our betters now, the risk would’ve shattered our souls.
And so the singing of that celestial host carried us away from humanity, away from ourselves and into somewhere more beautiful.

To Be Continued…