50 Word Stories: The Remembered Road

The road coughed up dust like a cat a hairball, neither pleasant and both lasting too long. I'd traveled the same baked mud for ten days on an incline that wore at the soul. When the horizon fell away, however, a new land unrolling like a tapestry, I remembered why.


50 Word Stories: Hey-Ho

We met one wild, windy evening outside the theatre, her temporary home. Dressed in jeans and a white tee shirt, she exuded the careless abandon of the dancer she was, uncontainable, free spirited. For two weeks, I knew her world, her life. Hey-ho, two weeks was better than none.

The Sounds of Life

Pillow talk
Mumbled apologies
Baby screaming
Teenage moans
Fireside whispers
Stomach grumbling
Jubilant whoops
Shouts of dismay
Gargled cleaning
Hissing boos
Longing pleas
Wagged tutting
Hysterical laughter
Proposed love
Children playing
The sounds of life

(Image courtesy c4eo.org.uk and Goggle images)