Sensational Sensations

 The sensation began as a prickling beneath my fingernails, a discomfort, nothing more. Yet, like an electric current flowing under my skin, through veins supposedly carrying blood, not animosity, it made a circuitous route of my body sparing not one inch of self. If someone had shaken my shoulder, slapped my face, it would […]

50 Word Stories: Words

 They say the eyes cannot lie. You can twist words, expound falsities, be economical with the truth all with varying degrees of success, but meet someone's eyes and all else falls away. When I met hers, my whole life fell away. Where were those words when I needed lies most?

50 Word Stories: Just Hanging

 Motionless, we hung from the balcony rail not daring to move. A dare gone wrong, prank gone bad, the ground looked distant from the wrong side of the rails. What scared me most, though, was Sarah’s eyes. Wide and wild, all they said was jump. My fingers twitched. She smiled.

50 Word Stories: The Wink

I've never felt alive, truly alive, electric. I've dreamt it, haven't we all? I've imagined what it must feel like to not imagine, if that makes sense. She epitomised that whole don't give a damn attitude, that try to stop me confidence and all in a look. What a wink!

50 Word Stories: Hasu

 “What’s her name?” I asked tugging on the old lady’s elbow like a child. “Hasu,” she smiled that kind look age brought. “It means Lotus.” “Hasu,” I purred. Her eyes… they stole my breath and captured my heart. I just wished they’d closed them as she difted down the river.