The Babe Magnet (In Dialogue)

“Call me old-fashioned but I like my pants clean, pressed and swishing.” “You’re old-fashioned.” “Thanks.” “You’re very welcome, gramps.” “There’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling smart.” “And there wasn’t in the seventies, either, eh?” “Cheeky sod.” “Look, I’m telling you this as your friend, purple velour pants and an orange crinoline shirt’s only gonna […]


 Flaunt your effervescence  Dandy, peacock fool, For I shall treat you with disdain. Acting like I should know you, Personifying cool as you do, Strutting, colluding with the know-hows, Creating falsehoods. I do not care, For I shall deem not to know you; Pretend to not register your name; Remain indifferent to your presence, And curse your every foppish stance. I shall wait for perfunctory introductions, Then […]