She was like an echo, all around me, but never quite there. When I whispered her name in the darkest hours, those most personal tickings of the clock, I could never be sure if she heard me; if she even cared, as my breaths whipped around the space that should have been she. There were, […]

Precious Things

Locked away forever, Asleep in a polished, mahogany box; But I still hear it. Oh, how I still hear it. You see, The wood vibrates with it, A steady thump, Thump, Thump. The sideboard it rests upon, The one with the wooden legs, Conducts the sound through creaking, groaning floorboards, Then on into the rotting […]

Whispered Loves

I captured a whisper, Such a delicate expression, And so quiet, So very quiet. Prudence told me to hold it tight, Hold it real close, As it breezed across The cage of my palms. But curiosity is a terrible trait, A constant pressure, And I had to hear its words. So, I opened those palms […]

Lonely Nights

Hush, my child, Your tears deserve much more. Tenuous droplets of hope, They pass me by unchecked, Unseen, ignored. Shuttered and lonely, I walk the streets, Making un-light of the luminance, When I should be with you. No choice, I plead! But there is always choice. Lonely nights for us both.


Beyond the valleys And the rivers And the streams Lies a waterfall eclipsing Every one of my dreams. Cascading through mists And falling through time, How I long for those waters; How I hope they’ll be mine. Surrounded by thorns And deepest ravines With a kissing of berries, As rubies it seems, There I’ll be welcomed; […]