Cold Comforts (Life’s Dance)

The cream smoothness of her skin enchanted, A pale portrait to her quicksilver eyes; Metallic and sharp, alert to observe my every detail. Bowing, we interlinked fingers; hers were gloved, And moved across the dance floor with acquired finesse. Effortless, she travelled as though on ice, The same ice that permeated her being, her soul. […]

Kicking Concrete

Back against the wall heels kicking the concrete, Head down, thinking, dreaming. Sunglasses hide the eyes, grey like the day; They can’t look up. They want to, but they can’t. The question: is she looking? Is she? Wanting to smile, To say something, To stroll across the road with the confidence of a grifter Take […]

The Distance Between

The Distance Between “The distance between one’s eyes and the object of their obsession cannot be measured, nor quantified.” I thought that a bizarre statement, but held my tongue. “Master,” said one of the bald-headed devotees. They sought to immerse themselves in their master’s teachings both mentally and physically and curry his favour. I, however, […]

Conjoined Ghosts

I wrote this after a discussion with my evil twin….I mean long lost sister….I mean separated for her own good wonderful writer….I mean Candice ;p You may know her better as The Feathered Sleep. Please check out her wonderful blog. This rippling scar, This reminder of you, or is it me? Like saw teeth biting, […]

A Kiss on the Wind. (Micro-Fiction)

“She’s special,” he whispered. “Was,” said I. “She’d do the same for me.” “She wouldn’t if she loved you.” “Are you saying she didn’t love me?” “No,” I replied. “Just that death is as much a part of life as life itself.” “I don’t understand?” “It’s like a kiss on the wind, you know it’s […]