50 Word Stories: Under The Skin

Pulsing against the flow, you dam all thoughts and feelings, my blood churning at the crimson barrage. A second person striving to emerge, the Jekyll to my Hyde, you scrape and claw, push and prick, strive to leave. I feel you under the skin. Worse, I fear I always will.

Visions Of Music Lost

A vision in white, She twirled and whirled, A mist in motion. Who she danced for, Who could say, But as I peered through the hall windows, Dirty, running with rain, I fell in love with the music she portrayed. I could not hear the violins, The pianos, nor even the swelling base, But I […]

The Difficulties With Time

I miss my little sister. Time slips by with relentless passage unwilling to relinquish its hold, the days only ever getting longer. Yet when we talk, text or laugh together it’s as though we’ve not spent a second apart. So how can it be that she has one child ready to leave the nest and […]

Reminiscing On Storms

I heard thunder last evening A rumbling, roaring beast. I thought of you then, As I lay staring up at an out of reach ceiling. No, it did not represent your temper, Nor your non-Latin heritage, Nor even the flashing lightning of your smile. No, my dearest mum, It reminded me of your soothing hand […]