When Marnie Was There

For the first time in the four and a half years since I left work to write, I took two hours off during the day to watch television. I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan and saw one of their latest movies, When Marnie Was There, advertised to be on over lunchtime. I hadn’t seen it […]

Over The Rainbow

´┐╝ There are few things in life that make me reminisce, fewer still with affection. I often envy people who recall a memory plucked from the aether and expound upon it; that just isn’t me. I think that’s why when I do it means more than being one of many such moments in a life […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 In childhood we heard her.  Somewhere over the rainbow  She sang,  And for a time   We were.  And, whenever we’ve heard her since   Singing that most magical song   That makes adults children,   And hearts young,   For those few wonderful minutes,   We were again.   (Image courtesy of fanboy.com)

Actor Lost

 Don’t leave without me, This stage a space unbridled, Cavernous creations Lost in a set of loneliness. No props to express My lack of words, Forgotten lines, Only the sad eyes you left me with And my false personas. The dividing line between life and illusion, Whose mantelpiece holds the awards. Is this real, Or false? I’ll know if no one shouts cut.  (Image courtesy theguardian.com)