Six Word Stories: Beacon

Prometheus lost. Light fires for him. 

50 Word Stories: Untouched

The sun burned with a ferocity to melt the night back to nothingness, birds in the sky cooked in mid-flight. Every puddle and every window flashed molten madness, people passing by incinerated, black shoe prints their legacy. I didn’t. Then again, I wouldn’t. The devil looks after his own.

Hansel and Gretel – Undone.

The children turned their backs on the screams of anguish. A wailing and caterwauling as of the denizens of Hell itself split the crackling confines of the single room. Overheated candy popped in the lush walls, overcooked gingerbread smouldered in the crossbeams, but Hansel and Gretel refused to leave until they knew her dead.

It took time, too much time, but like everything in life she came to an end. The fire returned to a simmering warmth, as the acrid smell drained from the room. Before long, they were just a normal brother and sister holding hands before a spitting fire. Or so it seemed?

It was the smell of singed carpet that made Gretel sniff, the sizzle of stray sparks that made Hansel tense. But it was that laugh, that cackling unmistakable laugh that made them both turn. Her eyes burned crimson and bright.

She was aflame, but alive. Burning hands supported her weight, as the witch crawled from the inferno. The children ran, of course they did, but the door was locked, the windows boarded: there was no escaping the candy house. Hansel and Gretel were undone. Perhaps, soon, too be overdone.

50 Word Stories: Call Me Apocalypse 

“I’m burning.”

“You are not.”

“I burn!”

“No, the world burns.”

“Where is this?”

“Best you don’t know.”


“It would upset you.”

“Why is that an issue?”

“It is not good to upset you.”

“But this place.”

“Your place.”

“This fire.”

“Your fire.”

“And, you?”

“Call me, Apocalypse.”

Bathed in Ruby Dreams


 Bathed in the colours of a volcanic dream
 I went for a walk, but was not what it seemed
 As I looked to the shadows of some silhouette trees
 Afire and flaming, as if just for me
 The world changed to scarlet, yet hidden from view
 Turned on the memory of my nights with you
 When the world could be burning, but what did we care
 As we danced, as we laughed, but then you weren’t there
 Such are the perils of walking at dusk
 When memories are vivid and views, we can’t trust
 Yes, the world could be burning, the sky ruby hue
 But that wouldn’t alter my few weeks with you