Shimmering in satin,
 Firelight flickering,
 Flames scaling the material
 One distracted moment at a time,
 She reclines in repose.
 Engulfing every fibre in a heat,
 A reckless abandonment
 Of the usual laws of nature
 That is matched only
 By the breath of she beneath,
 The licking amber tastes of her.
 Unconcerned, she blinks an eye,
 Scoops away stray locks;
 She wears it so well.
 Yet, it is such a delicate balance,
 A precarious perfection
 With the potentiality for inferno.
 Dare I apply one more coal to the hearth,
 Stir the embers?
 Why not,
 There’s a whole sack to spare.

 (Image courtesy of fallnangeltears on deviantart.com)

The Pure & The Devil

El Diablo seeks our souls,

His taloned hands pounding on Hell’s walls.

We stand our ground,


Hoofed feet aflame step out of the darkness 

Burning with the hurt of the haunted.

We stand our ground,


Sequestered from mankind, the darkness his domain,

He takes a moment to appraise his prey.

We stand our ground,

Appraising he.

Cocking a horned carapace to one side

Unsure of the ones he seeks to torture, he studies us.

We stand our ground,

And breathe.

He is consumed by his ire,

Maddened to the point of insanity.

We stand our ground,

Assured as ice.

As a landslide he advances upon us,

Eyes ablaze and seeking souls.

And we open our eyes that have remained closed,

The light of Heaven pouring forth.

He cannot stand his ground;

For we are pure.


 The city burns beneath a molten sky.
 Cars flee without purpose or direction
 Seemingly bemused by the vermillion and gold.
 Steel thrusts up into the heat expecting to melt,
 Destined for a higher authority to remould it.
 Titanium swirls sit higher still waiting, always waiting
 To coat and cover, cover and coat.
 I watch from my little metal box and wonder:
 Do I care if it burns, and will I even notice?
 The sky shifts again in streaming colours of magma
 And I know the answer is that I won’t.

 (Stunning image courtesy MichelleMarie)

Phoenix Rises / Phoenix Risen

 Phoenix rises,
 A majestic awakening,
 Coalescing in fire
 To burn a new dawn:
 Evaporating cloud;
 Scorching heaven;
 Sterilising the sky,
 So those who rise early
 Witness a miracle:
 I am one such person.
 Molten morning
 Will pass,
 But the memory
 Is forever burned
 Upon grey eyes.
 Now I am one with the fire,
 One with the sky
 A Phoenix risen.

 (Stunning image courtesy Michelle Marie)

Flames & Fire (A Legend)

 At the end of the world
 Burns a tree made of coal
 Adorned with rubies
 A Phoenix made whole
 It springs from the spark
 Of that first burning pyre
 Fanned by the maelstrom
 A rampaging fire
 It waits for a knight
 Who is braver than brave
 To pluck off the jewels
 With aid of his knave
 Until then the embers
 Of all, was, and is
 Will illuminate heaven
 In radiant bliss


 Something’s burning,
 Could be me?
 Steamin’ in
 Brunette’s vicinity.
 Just one flash
 From firebrand eyes,
 And flames attack
 Molten insides.
 Flambéed in stages,
 Singed and burned,
 You’ll make sure
 That passion’s earned.
 So, dare I sample
 For want of fire?
 Well, wait and see
 If it’s just desire?

 (Amazing image courtesy of CatherineNodet on deviantart.com)