Tidal Forces

 Tidal Forces
 The ocean inhaled sucking its waters down, so far down. I was being drawn away by a power elemental. There was no point resisting, no point fighting, nor would I wish to. But, with the inevitability of the tide the ocean breathed back out, I with it. For my little craft it was a journey from sea to sky as it, and me with it, were thrust towards heaven. Up and up we rose until I stood upon a watery mountain. That’s when I saw her.
 Elise stood upon the quay even though she’d promised no to. Raven hair streamed behind her a murder of crows set flight. The westerly wind did its best to blow her home: it would lose, Elise was so stubborn.
 She hadn’t wanted me to go, had said someone else would do it, but she was wrong. The nets were my responsibility. If I didn’t bring them in they should tear in such a tempest. We could not afford to lose them, I had no choice. She had pouted, but not begged. She was to proud to beg. Her defiance was not to me, but to nature itself, and I knew she would stand there no matter the torrents, no matter the spitting surf until I returned. If I returned?
 The sea reversed and dragged me into the abyss, as I knew it would for all my perilous trip. Ebb and flow, I was used to it, or so I told myself. It wasn’t the sea that scared me, not the surging currents; not the howling winds, but those seconds of great depth that felt like lifetimes. For every moment I could not see my love filled me with dread. Every down-surge, I should worry she would be washed away awaiting my return. I knew I would have this fear through every single wave. The very reason I did not wish her to watch me go. Yet, those waves also provided me with glimpses of her, my siren, my queen, and their every sequential obstruction felt like a dagger through my heart, I loved her so. A tidal force, our love, she had once said.
 All the more reason to hurry. All the more reason to savour our wet embrace upon my return. Yes, the sea would not take me, I would return. I had to!