I saw it in a map, one without borders, walls, or rules. Escape was the name my family gave it, a thing we’d only dreamt of, the wind in our faces without ever looking back, the sun without windows and sky without ceilings, hope. Although our lives were rubble and ruin, they’d never taken that hope form us. One had to hope even when one had no hope to hope for. And then that map dug from the sand by my very own fingers. My map. Our map. My family called it escape. I called it freedom.


Objects 010

All there was
those flickering midnights
and crackling fires
those moonbeam notions
of perfect love
two lives entwined
tied with string
sprinkled with infinity
and eternal moments
beckoning, always beckoning
eyes in the darkness
lips in the light
hearts joined in beating
as one
always as one
where fantasies met
more besides
yes, all there was
was you

Purgatory Calling


The essence of the thing stimulated:

Fog; Nothingness; Self,

a vortex of spinning grey.

Time stalled, backtracked, leapt forward,

my eyes uncomprehending

of what other senses detailed.

I dizzied and derailed,

former bluster extinguished;

I was lost.

Purgatory calling, claimed the mist,

and it was, and it did, and it took all of me

even my smile.



I have this feeling I cannot shake. It troubles me. I am troubled.

I have this memory I cannot recall. It disturbs me. I am disturbed.

I have this ache I cannot place. It eludes me. I am eluded.

I have this knife I cannot use. It stabs me. I am stabbed.

Has all this life that has gone before availed nothing?

I will know when the blood stops.

The Hurting Moon


In bleak


did I find the real me,

uncovered the truth.

Beneath a grinning moon

that transgressed surreal

to border on bizzare,

bathed in the light celestial,

I turned to the other side.

Cold fire and silver slivers;

the pain refreshed, not harmed.

The hurting moon,

an old wive’s tale;

a feral beginning,

who knew, who could say,

as I howled at the midnight

taken by ebon delights.



Finally me.


It's a rhythm felt
Through the floor
An all-encompassing beat
Sending atoms all aquiver
Destined to reach minds
And swamp them
Engulf them
Electric, the buzz
Transcendence, the goal
We embrace with eyes closed
Hearts on sleeves
Pumping out blood
Slick on the dance floor
It's rhythmic
A million perfect moments
Tied with silk bows
We wish it were never ending
It can be
It is