The Toilet Zone

Author’s Note: It’s hot as Hell today. I’m overheating and don’t know what I’m typing. That’s my excuse anyway. On the other hand, this is a wonderful tribute to that classic show The Twilight Zone. Yes, that sounds better. I think I got away with it. The Toilet Zone A cloying glue of absolute night, […]


Friendship What could possibly draw Richard out of his very private world and get him to post a picture of himself on Social Media — for only the second time ever, I’ll add? Answer: Friendship. PS That’s my writing chair, in my writing corner, and I even have my laptop on my knee, although I […]

Eureka Moments

A: “Let’s here it then.” B: “Prepare yourself, this is brilliant.” A: “I’m waiting.” B: “If I had a drum, I’d be rolling on it.” A: “I’m still waiting.” B: “Alright, alright, keep your socks on. I just wanted you to be the first to know.” A: “I’m hoping that one day I will.” B: […]

Barking At Storms

A clattering disruption, the clashing clouds shattered the night. How I prayed for them to dispel the muggy air. Sweat pooled and ran off my skin as so many tiny Niagaras making a mockery of my crisp, clean sheets. When the first lightning flash came illuminating the room in a Polaroid moment, I almost jumped […]