Crystalline you bring the white   That sparkles through the dark of night   The cold of breath, the misting air   A touch of winter everywhere   And who, you say, is such a man   To launch this diamond carpet plan   To chatter teeth, his aim and boast   He is Jack […]


 Carpeted frost does glisten to me  Lain across dawn, grasses, and tree  A trillion jewels that will melt with the light  What an awakening from another long night  How is that everything can look so complete  Wrapped up in cobwebs and diamonds, so neat  I’ll linger a little, then run a bit more  This world full of frost is just one I […]

Almost Glacial

 A North wind’s blowing  Frost prickles the ground  Herds wrapped in sheepskins  Just wander around  The crows all have sore throats  As trees creak with ice  The world standing frozen  Especially the mice  A new January morning  Where white stands apart  It’s glacial all over  Except in our hearts     

I Wonder?

 Sugar-coated crispness laid upon a bed of thorns  Tinkles in the wan light of a birthing dawn.  A delicate moment captured before passing into obscurity.  I wonder: how many more such moments we miss?

How Cold!

The brittle fingers of a first frost  Have crept over my flesh.  It is a fleeting taste of what’s to come,  An early morning whitewash  Striving to glitter through urban fogs.  The last leaves of an Autumn shed  Crinkled and crisp beneath my feet  An aural accompaniment to the seasonal image:  How refreshing; how pretty; how cold!