In Frustrations Found

 I tear at my hair with the savage intent of a hungry tiger. This is not how it is meant to be. This is not… not… but I cannot find the words, they are lost in a mist of tumbling red where glaring eyes fire and vicious disassemblers of dreams lurk. I have lost […]


KILLING TIME He began with every clock in every house. That took him a while, but he didn’t stop there. He moved on to bigger things: churches; railway stations; town squares; Big Ben, the most famous of all timepieces. There wasn’t a wristwatch, pocket watch or even phone display left to show the time when […]


These chains that bind They rattle and shake Ill never be free Not today, not tomorrow I’ll wear them, frustrated Dress them up, perhaps But cold metal bites Leaving deep, rusted impressions One day, maybe, release At least, in mind For that’s one place I’ll never be chained But until that day You’ll here my […]

One Word

 Battered, Broken; Heart  Tattered, Torn. World  Keeps  Spinning Whilst  I  lay  Forlorn. One  Word Answer My Only Reply, Perhaps, It Will  Be, Until I Die?