50 Word Stories – Outfoxed

50 Word Stories – Outfoxed “Did you see that fox watching the chickens?” “No, mum.” “He was licking his lips.” “Sorry.” “Is that all you’ve got to say? He could ruin us, you know!” “He won’t.” “Oh, do explain.” “He’s full.” “What do you mean, he’s full?” “I fed him dad’s dinner an hour ago.”

50 Word Stories – Unsatisfactory

50 Word Stories – Unsatisfactory “Your clothes are drab bordering on bedraggled. Your beard is uncouth, and if anything ages you. As for your face! Have you forgotten what soap and water are? In short, your return is unsatisfactory.” She ranted, and waved her handbag around the arrivals lounge. I replied. “Darling, I’m over here.”

Just A Feeling

Just A Feeling It’s just a feeling, a tingling in the toes. I pull them back and wriggle them around but the tingling remains. Very odd? I decide to go for a walk marching around the neighbourhood like a demented crow all stiff-legged, feet pointing. After a mile, I think my strange sensations gone. They […]

Who Stole My Stripe?

Alternate Title: Richard! What Are You Doing? As many of you know, I'm a simple guy. I take great delight in often very basic things and express little joy over such monumental purchases as cars, houses and their ilk. In true Yorkshire fashion, 'I like what I like'. So, you can imagine my delight at […]

A Purgatory For Modern Times

 I stepped in a puddle and sank through to somewhere else. There was no sun, no moon, no darkness or light just an incessant glare like a pearlescent lightbulb on a dimmer switch. Panicking, I felt about with the intention of clutching the first tangible object and not letting go; I found nothing. This […]