Moonstone (Elfje)


Just pulsing

With eternal shimmer

This mineral of ghosts



The sun is setting over Saharan dunes
Burnished orange fading to gold
The desert is encompassed by night
Lit only by the myriad stars of the universe

The Pacific kisses an Hawaiian beach
As cinnamon skinned beauties dance
Upon pristine white sands in bare feet
The vast ocean looking on with admiration

Everest gleams through a halo of clouds
This earthbound titan reaching to heaven
And to the milling throngs so far below
His glinting pinnacle brushes an angel

Grasses ripple across an English meadow
Wildflowers interspersing the ebony
With shades of ruby, sapphire and topaz
Natural gems to far surpass the made

So much wonder, so much beauty
The wonders of this earth too many to recount
And what do I think you ask, your narrator
Well, let us simply say, I did good

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