Glass hearts

Glass hearts lay exposed, Revealed to all, Pulsing in translucence, Beating like glaciers on the move. One must treat a glass heart with delicacy, Treat it with care, For a glass heart will crack And what’s worse, You’ll hear it coming.


 Shattered, Shifting, Broken days, Glass in motion Frosted view. Crystal whispers, Promises, Enticements, But bleeding feet Walk slowly. Diamond cut, Relentless Strife, Melt me down, Make me right. Please!

In Glass

 Shattered hearts In glass collide  Across an ocean  Far and wide Crystal feelings Cut and gone As love’s a game We all play wrong Distance captured  Mirrored hue In panes of pain I think of you Someday, somehow I’ll gaze and see  Not me in glass  But face of thee  (Image courtesy of Wen-M on

To Shine

 Fragmented memories Better than none Shattered like glass Reflect in the sun Land in a heap  Piled up like snow Realisation There’s a long way to go But even in repose The shards catch the light And offer the promise That maybe I might So twinkle and shine Until I’m made dull That is my promise Until I am null  (Image courtesy of DanteRM on