In Neon

In neon highlights

A singular beauty found

More than just a glass

In Glass

 Shattered hearts
 In glass collide
 Across an ocean
 Far and wide
 Crystal feelings
 Cut and gone
 As love’s a game
 We all play wrong
 Distance captured
 Mirrored hue
 In panes of pain
 I think of you
 Someday, somehow
 I’ll gaze and see
 Not me in glass
 But face of thee

 (Image courtesy of Wen-M on

To Shine

 Fragmented memories
 Better than none
 Shattered like glass
 Reflect in the sun
 Land in a heap
 Piled up like snow
 There’s a long way to go
 But even in repose
 The shards catch the light
 And offer the promise
 That maybe I might
 So twinkle and shine
 Until I’m made dull
 That is my promise
 Until I am null

 (Image courtesy of DanteRM on