Six Word Stories: Recumbent

For sale: lazy goldfish. Won't swim.


50 Word Stories: Something Fishy

I admired them in my own way, content with their lot in life, swimming in circles, never getting lost, intimating feeding time with those circular mouths. They seemed happy. Until I didn't feed them, that was. That's why they shot me. My fault, really. I forgot they had a tank.

Two Goldfish ?


Swimming around
With no place to go
My world is a round one
I’m stuck in a bowl
My one friend is crazy
He bubbles and spouts
I don’t think he knows
That he’ll never get out
I’ve got a bad memory
Least that’s what I think
And you’d better believe
I could murder a drink
This fish foods all flaky
A bit like us two
He’s lasted a year
So I’ll soon meet a new
He follows all over
We even bang heads
He’s driving me nuts
We even share beds
I’ll give him one thing
He looks fine for a fish
If he lived in the sea
He’d end on a dish
For now my rants over
It’s time for a rest
I’ll stare at my friend
Coz that’s what I do best

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