50 Word Stories: Emotional

She sat on the pier legs dangling over thin air like a child’s from a swing. If you looked once, you’d have thought her playful, laughing with the wind, joking with the sea. If you looked again, you’d have seen something else. Tearful, she said goodbye. Only the sea heard.

50 Word Stories: Goodbye.

You consider the place, time and words. You muse on how best to broach the subject: when they’re leaving for work; just before taking a shower; the phone. But cutting through the sugar-coated claptrap reveals one irreconcilable truth: there’s never a right time to say goodbye.

Goodbye Summer

Summer waved goodbye in tired shades of gold. I watched it depart from the top of the street, as leaves swept past my shoulders. There was a pull, an inclination to turn and watch the Fall gust in, but I wasn’t quite ready. So, instead, I lent against a dampening brick wall, shades of what […]

Dandelion Weeping

   Golden radiance, gone Feathered, time to fly Weep for your brothers Wave your sisters goodbye Tears shed, only normal Pooling at seedlings’ feet Floral parent cries Dandelion weeping  

No Other Word But Goodbye

 Unavoidable, So I’d heard, As tears begin to flow. Floundering, In eyes of ocean depths, Deepest, coldest blue. Remonstrates, But turning away, I focus on the next. Suppress, Torrid emotion, A churning infinity. Realisation, It’s true, It’s never as easy as you think! I leave, With no other word, But goodbye.  (Image courtesy of JollyPen on deviantart.com)

In Voice: Tenderest Farewell

  “I’ll never leave you.” “You’ll have to.” “I won’t let it win!” “We both know it will.” “They could be wrong?” “They aren’t.” “How can you be so calm?” “I’m ready to go. I’ve made my peace. Now you must, too.” “Never!” “You’ll have to, my love, because I want you to leave me now, and don’t look back.” “No, it can’t be now, not […]


  I remember when the moon would rise in your eyes casting a silvered sheen across that perfect face.   I remember the morning dew collecting like tears before dropping off sweeping eyelashes, cascading into infinity.  I remember when the days passed too quickly, and the nights quicker still.  I remember standing out in the West wind as sycamore […]