50 Word Stories: Bubblegum Girls

 She was like a bubblegum bubble waiting to pop: intriguing, but best stood back from. Chomping and chewing, she winked at one guy, clicked her teeth at another, then pointed a neon-pink fingernail at me. "Wanna play?" she giggled. "Can't, love, I think I've just stood in your sister."

Aged by the Ocean

I took a breath as the whale dived beneath the churning ocean determined to hold it longer than him. Papa told me to stop being stupid when my face went red, then caved in and pretended to do so too. We sat in our little boat for almost an hour puffing our cheeks in and […]

Time After Time

 They say everybody has a song that takes them back. You hear the tones and drift away to a place you thought you’d lost. Memories resurface of where you were; what you were doing; even how you felt. For me that song is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper.  I recall everything about that song. I […]

Innocence Lost

Image courtesy 123rf.com & google images I whispered a note Tied it with strings Threw it skyward On butterfly wings It fluttered about On silken breeze Languidly leaving Me on my knees I wept farewell Or so it seems As that note held Childhood dreams