New Release: ENVY by Marnie Cate

I’m delighted to be able to announce the latest release, ENVY,  by my good friend and fellow author Marnie Cate.

Please take a moment to have a read of Marnie’s words, admire her wonderful book cover and generally enjoy her work. I always do.


Author: Marnie Cate

Title: Envy: Protectors of the Elemental Magic

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


My mother sold her soul to the Goddess of Winter, and mine along with it.


Camille was one of four girls who were given the gift of elemental magic. When her arrogance and greed led her to bad choices, she paid for it with her life… and her daughter, Blanche’s.


Blanche Kingston Drygen would never be admired for her sweetness. Lusted after for her beauty, and desired for her wealth, the townsfolk of Starten thought of her as a cold-hearted business woman. They did not know the secrets the most predominant family in town hid. The Drygens owned everything and almost everyone, except their own fates.


If you are hoping for a sweet, cozy tale, I’m afraid the Silvers have the market on fairytales. While they reveled in the gifts bestowed upon them by the Goddess Danu, the Drygen family fell victim to the cruel Winter Goddess, Snowystra.


Blanche’s story is one of lost love and tortured lives. Sit back as she tells you the reality of her gift, and how the Drygens were cursed to never love.



Circling me, I could feel her icy breath on the back of my neck. Gripped in terror, I couldn’t find the words to respond to any of her questions. 


“Did she tell you my magic flows through your veins, too?” She placed the palm of her hand on my chest. “The beating of your heart is because I gave it to you.” 


My skin began to burn and I jerked back. 


With lightening reflexes, Snowystra was suddenly behind me, and she had a tight grip on my hair. She tilted my head and whispered in my ear, “I can stop your life with the blink of my eye.” 


I froze in fear as my lungs began to painfully fill with sharp icicles. My breathing became labored and I was consumed with a coldness like I’d never known before. Mercifully, Snowystra released her hold on me and I dropped to my knees. I panicked, sure she was going to kill me. I clutched my neck, as if that simple movement could have done anything to save me. 


“Play dead. Submit,” a silky male voice whispered. 


I had heard this voice before, but where? I had no choice, except to listen to his advice. So, I closed my eyes and dropped to the ground. Forcing myself, I refused to suck in air. Instead, I accepted the burning pain in my chest, suppressing my screams as it became excruciating. I heard her cruel laughter ring out as I neared unconsciousness 


“You are strong,” the wicked Goddess said, sounding amused. 

I’m glad my death pleases you, I thought, but before the darkness could take me, warm air violently rushed into my lungs. I began to cough, choking on the unexpected return of oxygen. 


“Your mother has promised me a child soon.” Snowystra looked unimpressed as she added, “You could have given me one years ago. That Simon boy would have been an adequate choice, but you toyed with him for too long. Wasting your time on finding love is no longer an option. I have chosen Roger Kingston for you.” 


“What?” The word slipped out before I could stop them. I immediately felt regret.


Thankfully, the wicked Goddess only cocked a contemptuous eyebrow at me. “He has a strong physique, sharp mind and he wants you. You will return to him and convince him you were a fool. You will grovel, if necessary. When he asks for your hand, you will marry him.” She paused in contemplation. “What a ridiculous world you live in. Still, if you must abide by the mortal world’s rules, you will marry the entrepreneur. And then, you will bring me the child.” 


Marnie Cate Biography

Marnie Cate was born and raised in Montana before adventuring to the warmer states of Arizona and California. Her love of Dame Judi Dench and dreams of caticorns and rainbows inspired her to chase her dreams. One great sentence came to mind and the world of elemental magic and the humans they lived amongst filled her mind. With Remember, the story has begun.


Other Works by Marnie Cate

Exigency: Protectors of the Elemental Magic (Book 2)

The story of Mara Stone continues.  Her world was shaken but she is a fighter.  Facing new adversaries, Mara is learning what it truly means to protect the magic. 


Mazy: Protectors of the Elemental Magic (Book 3)

Mara Stone’s story continues.  Finally free of the darkness of Winter, everything began to crumble around me again. The promises to protect the magic was beginning to feel like a curse. 


Awethology Light – Contribution Story 

Beginnings: Protectors of the Elemental Magic (Novellette) 

The story of Genevieve Silver and the origins of the protectors of the magic. With the balance of the elemental world shaken, four elementals take on the task of protecting the magic.

Marnie Cate’s website: Marnie Cate




Twitter: @Marnie_Cate


Thank you for reading


Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series

Guest Post – Kate Strawberry

Richard’s Note: I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful Kate. A poet that I always enjoy reading, Kate also has her own growing editing business. Here is a sample of her work, which I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to click Kate’s name Kate Strawberry to take a look at her site. I know she would love to see you.


I died when I tumbled over the ledge~
I fell or maybe I wandered-off the edge
Did I fall of my own mistake?
Or when I flew, did someone force me?

Tell me the truth you always seem
To have wanted me to sleep and dream-
Of better days and brighter thoughts-
What thoughts are these! Of rocks.

It was dark I couldn’t see
But the moon shined light down on me.
You yelled and screamed and grabbed my waist-
Madness in my eyes, you act in haste.

Or was the madness in your eyes and the haste of my action-late?
You made me fall. You did, indeed
You pushed me and I fell with speed.
Once something far away so near

An image seen in the distance but then right here.
In my face slammed the ancient ground
I felt destroyed like prey with hound
I lost my mind when you attacked.

Images became dim and faded to black.
How you hover below me close
Crying mad thoughts, I suppose.
The bitter, silent tears I hear-

As I look down on you with fear.

Thank you for reading.
As I said, click Kate’s name Kate Strawberry and go pay her a visit.


Thanks Again


Guest Post: Dark Fey by Cynthia Morgan.

Something a little different here today, as this post is to promote a wonderful friend and her superb new book (I have just purchased a copy myself, so I really am practising what I preach.) Morgan is a fantastic writer, please do check out the attached links for her site and of course her book. I’ll leave the rest for the lady in question to reveal in her own words.

PS If anyone did reblog this I’m sure it would be very much appreciated.


Web Cover Final Format

What is Dark Fey, Book One:  The Reviled? And who is this ~Morgan~ who wrote it?   Gosh, I’m so glad you asked!

Dark Fey The Reviled is the first installment of a Fantasy genre story set in the primordial forests of mystical time in a land peopled by both Light Loving and Darkness Revering Faeriekind, or Fey, where a relationship between two unsuspecting, kindred souls, separated by far more than social stigma, blossoms in secrecy that could shatter both their worlds. Ayla, a Light loving, Guardian of Childfey hides more than a few secrets; secrets that isolate her and set her apart. Secrets that bring her to the attention of one who comes in shadow and silence; one who watches, waiting for the ideal moment to step from the darkness, reveal the truth about himself and alter the course of her life forever. 

It is a tale of Light and Darkness, of Joy and Sorrow, and the Trials and Triumph of Courage and Perseverance.  It is fantasy, it is romance, it is drama, it even includes a satisfying dose of action.  Currently it is only available on Kindle, but even if you do not own an actual Kindle reader, you can download a FREE reading app to any of your devices.   You can find Dark Fey The Reviled here: 

What about ~Morgan~, what’s her story?  First off, let me begin by explaining that my given name is Cynthia Morgan, though I prefer simply ~Morgan~ (I know, rather Madonna-esque of me).  I live in a teeny, tiny little burg known as Myerstown, which is nestled into the Amish Countryside in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I have been writing since childhood.  I have written short stories, newsletters for various companies and have had poetry published on several websites and in book form.  I am also the author of, or BnV, which I started in June of 2013.  

Thirsty for more? Lucky for you, Alana Munro, the Author Who Supports Authors, recently interviewed me for my recent publication, Dark Fey, and I have attached the link here:

Lately, I’ve been busy taking the first steps into a wide, wide world of Writing, Publication and Dreams Coming True, but for now, this is my and this is my story. (Literally!)



Guest Post by Alienora Taylor: Vulgar, Viz-loving and voluptuous!

This is a post from my friend and fellow blogger Alienora Taylor. Ali is a superb writer who always speaks her mind, usually with hilarious consequences. I use her knowledge of the spoken word as a benchmark for my own. Please check out her site by clicking on the link in her name. Thank you.

Vulgar, Viz-loving and voluptuous!

Well, that’s two out of three! For ‘voluptuous’, I think you have to read, ‘voluminous’! I am, to the female figure what the marquee (designed to hold several hundred!) is to the one-man tent!

But, from the days when I was scrote high to a pixie, I have been the epitome of the vulgar, the crude, the base and the four-letter.

Limericks had me giggling from primary school onwards – and really RUDE ones caused weaknesses in bladder function on many an occasion.

Anything which contained genitals, bodily functions and bonking had me falling about the place in uncontrollable spasms of mirth.

I think I was the only girl in my circle who accompanied her boyfriend into newsagents’ to buy Top Shelf magazines – and then, instead of being turned on by them, laughed like a particularly noisy drain at their priceless ‘literature’. Readers’ Wives  was an especial favourite, as I recall. Battersea Dogs’ Home, more like!

And then, in my thirties, I was introduced to Viz by a male friend. What an epiphany that was! Oh my!

I was transported, immediately, to guffawing Glory. Whilst certain po-faced members of my outer circle frowned and muttered about Political Correctness, I am afraid I fell about laughing at the Fat Slags et al.

A male relative shares my delight in this most bawdy of ‘books’ and usually has a few back copies hanging around, often in the toilet! Apt, really, since many would claim (probably rightly) that my sense of humour has more than a touch of the potty about it…

The dear boy has loaned me a big pile of (oops – inadvertent double entendre there!) the things – and they, along with my now-battered copy of ‘Roger’s Profanisaurus’, occupy prime position between the bog roll and the khazi door!

And let me tell you, such diverting and edifying reading material certainly – er – keeps things in motion, shall we say?!

After all, had I never encountered Viz, I would not be able to pepper my conversation with such classics as, ‘wizard’s sleeve’, ‘touching cloth’ – and ‘waiting at the other bus stop’…

This may make some people reading my post wrinkle up their eyes and purse their lips like a cat’s anus, but – by one of those little ironies my life is so full of – the truth is that I have barely a trace of true prejudice in my body. I love PEOPLE; it doesn’t matter what they look like, sound like; I don’t care what their sexual orientation is or what colour/nationality they are…

I think it is very healthy to find belly-aching humour in the human condition.

So, I shall continue to be vulgar, Viz-addicted and a caravanserai in my own right until the great cosmic chain flushes me down the pan of eternity!